Women were there for Christ’s conception, his birth, and throughout his childhood. They were there to start him on his public ministry, and sat at his feet to hear his teachings. They brought him water at the well, perfumed his hair, and fed him. They stood by him as he carried his Cross, and stayed with him at the foot of it while he hung there and died. They were there for the resurrection, and to receive the Holy Spirit.

Where were the men?

This site is under construction.  It will explore the ministries of women, including especially Mary the Mother of Our Saviour and Mary the disciple Jesus loved.  The appearance of each of them in Scripture, and Our Lady’s continuing ministry through Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje and elsewhere will be examined.

Please come back from time to time, to see how we’re doing, and share your thoughts or suggestions with us!

God bless, and Ave Maria!

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